F1 Monza Grand Prix

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F1 calendar, every year, you will see one of the most famous Monza circuit is called in Italian. You could say that Monza is the home of the Scuderia Ferrari. There are many types of circuits throughout the world, you should know and F1 Monza is the fastest circuit calendar ever. If you want to see the real atmosphere of F1, then you can visit this country. Waiting for the race, you can walk around town and see the sights there.

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Monza F1: Scuderia Ferrari circuit Overview

Italian Grand Prix Ferrari associated with this equipment comes from Italy. If you watch the race live, you can see the largest wave of people wearing the attributes associated with a red Ferrari. Ferrari enough in that year or weak, a true fan of Ferrari strong support forever. the circuit will turn red if the race is, holding the flag of the nation of drivers. “You can feel the European race real traditional Monza. If the weather is sunny or normal, drivers will complete 75 laps in 80 minutes faster than the other circuits. The other thing that is interesting in Monza is a car will drive to full speed with a range of 80% for the driver will drive the car faster. no need to drive slower because there are pronounced curve so that the driver can push through the finish line.

Monza simple curves and not just stop and go while others bend angle constraint that makes happy to drive their cars faster driver. Aerodynamic engineers and designers have been known to remove all heavy items in the car that will make it run faster than ever before. At Monza, all the F1 cars will be flat and smooth so that the car will be the best weapon to win the tea in the circuit. There is a myth of Monza. Only an aggressive driver who won the race in Monza. Michael Schumacher has won five races in Monza. Another driver who has won at Monza more than once is Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. To see the new champion of Italy, then you need to buy tickets F1 Monza so you can see the real battle of the top teams such as Ferrari, as homeowners.

Rubens Barrichello was the only driver who did the fastest lap in 1: 21: 046 minutes in 2004 and no one could beat him this far. Monza is not peaceful and driver circuitry for the details, because the speed is the key to win the race. When the driver got there, they must be wild if they want to compete with others. Autodromo di Monza has been used as the main circuit on the F1 calendar since 1950 until today with 53 laps and 11 laps. However, this year could be the last time you see the F1 Grand Prix in Monza’s contract expires this year, and the latest news on the topic. If there is a deal between Bernie Ecclestone and F1 boss and president of the Italian club, stichs Angelo, Monza race will be held until 2020 or 2023.

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sights in Monza Italy

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Since the race will take place over the weekend, so you can visit many attractions in Monza Italy waiting for the best race in the world. You can see the Villa Reale in Monza called Villa Real. It consists of a series of buildings and built in 1777 to Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. Villa created by the River Lambro and located in Monza Park. You can see the actual art gallery population and fabrics on display from the 17th century and the 19th best place for lovers of photography is a lovely garden setting. Another place that is known as religious buildings Cathedral of Monza in Monza with the Roman-Gothic architecture. E ‘was created in 595 and rebuilt in the 13th to the 14th century.

Pending Formula 1 Grand Prix, another place you must visit when you are in Monza is Bridge. The researchers found that Monza settled in the Bronze Age through Roman influence. In Italy, Ponte means bridge. Another bridge is the best in the River Lambro Monza, where you can see the Bridge Lions Lions or bridge. E ‘was made in 1838 with stones. Monza train station can not be passed because it is one of the best access point for tourists. The building was built in 1840 and Milan, Chiasso in Switzerland connects Lecco. Moreover, the best part is, you can go directly to the circuit. These sites are not far from the circuit so it can not go any further. This will prevent a lot of unexpected things, as if lost.

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Hotels near Monza Circuit

If you do not want to stay out of the loop, then you can find the best near Monza circuit so you can reduce your time. Hotel Royal Falcone could become the first choice for you, because there are many who can find nearby landmarks such as the Cathedral of Monza, Monza Villa Reale Park, Monza Park, Stadio Brianteo, and Auchan. It is a four-star hotel with 48 rooms and a rooftop terrace. There is a free shuttle to pick you up. The best in the hotel reception desk and 24-hour service so you can get a lot of services during their stay in Monza. Other hotels that you can choose is the Hotel de la Ville. Located in the main city of Monza, you can choose this place as long as you stay with complete facilities such as babysitting day, laundry, lounge and bar, gym, garden, room service.

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So what are you waiting for? Seeing the difference F1 Monza watching television and reality. Perhaps, it could be your last chance to see F1 in Monza during the last contract, because there is no news about a contract extension for Monza.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix

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Formula 1 grand prix in Melbourne Australia is the first series grand prix championship. Australian F1 at Albert Park – Melbourne is a unique track for drivers. The First race conducted in 1996 with 58 laps and 5.303 km length circuit. Racing schedule in 2017 will be held in March by presenting professional drivers and constructors.

On the other side before or after you enjoying the race, you may also enjoy beauty of the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is a multicultural city and this spectacular restaurant that offered by having a large variety of food – one of the most popular restaurants is Lygon street in Carlton, streets filled with famous Italian restaurant to enjoy with pasta and cakes to devour.

The Five Best Places to Sightseeing in Melbourne before and after watching F1 Grand Prix

1. Federation Square

It is increasingly difficult to imagine Melbourne without Federation Square. It is home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism experiences and an incredible array of restaurants, bars and specialty shops, has become a meeting place of modern city piazza.


2. Melbourne Zoo

More than 250 species from around the world can be found in the landscape configuration Melbourne Zoo, just five minutes from downtown. Let children grow wild in the first exhibition of the free world focus on creating opportunities for early reproduction and foster a love of nature.


3. Queen Victory Market

Also known affectionately as ‘Vic Market’ or ‘Queen Vic’, Queen Victoria Market has become the heart and soul of Melbourne for more than a century. A historic building that is spread across two city blocks, it is a crowded market in the city and where you can shop for everything.


4. Sea Life Aquarium

Home to more than 10,000 aquatic animals, including one of the largest saltwater crocodile in the world who are in the state of screen art Croc Lair, Melbourne Aquarium life takes you on an interactive journey from the depths of ocean waters of the Antarctic ice.


5. Melbourne Star

The Melbourne Star is a giant Ferris wheel at the police station Waterfront City in the Docklands area of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia. Described by the operator as “just a giant observation wheel southern hemisphere”.


Best Hotel for Australian Grand Prix 

Tourist will want to stay in the hotels that have the best place near form F1 Grand Prix track such as the Crown Metropol, the Langham Melbourne, the Ibis Budget and the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park. Not only Australian, but people from across the globe flock to this major tourist area to both enjoy the GP Championship. You are recommended, due to the thousands of people who will descend here to watching a race, to book your reservations many months in advance. click this link, get 80% Discount for early booking.